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Series �PPE� solid injection moulded pumps are available in polypropylene (PP), glass filled polypropylene (GFP) and UHMWPE materials and are suitable for all services compatible with PP. The pumps incorporate robust design to handle highly corrosive fluids including corrosive slurries.

Over years of experience, Raje-Dia has developed corrosion resistant pumps for a wide range of applications. These pumps are provided with injection moulded wetted parts (except PTFE) and have a robust construction. The materials used are Polypropylene, Glass Filled Polypropylene, PTFE, etc. The material of construction is specially selected depending on the specific application. This ensures the highest corrosion resistance and stability. The shaft sleeve and Mechanical Seal are selected to suit the service condition. For pumps handling fluids containing suspended particles, slurry etc., and for effluent service, special seals with suitable faces are available with proper environment control arrangements.

RD series pumps (also known as rigid pumps) along with the above functions are ideal for heavy duty application. These
pumps have a Back Pull-out construction for easy maintenance without disturbing the piping. The Metallic armour provides maximum protection against suction and the discharge nozzles of the pump, therefore can handle maximum misalignment, distortion and piping loads.

Material of Construction

As a standard, wetted parts are offered in (PP) Polypropylene, UHMW HDPE for clear fluids upto 80°C Temp. Glass Filled Polypropylene (GFP) having good resistance to erosion, is used for fluids having suspended particles and slurry service as well as for temperatures upto 100°C. For fluids where PP, UHMW HDPE and GFP are not compatible, PTFE wetted parts are recommended.


The Impeller has a radial semi-open design, with large contoured flow passages. It is a one piece robust construction, statically balanced and lightweight. It is manufactured by an injection moulding process and is provided with back vanes to minimise axial thrust for enhanced bearing life.

O’ Rings and Gaskets Sealing are provided in the joints to ensure better sealing even at high pressure.

The Shaft Sleeve is made of Ceramic (99.5% AI-oxide), Hastelloy-B, Alloy-20, Monel, Titanium, etc. to suit various applications.

Priming Chamber
This is specially used for negative suction. It is very effective in handling liquids with slurry or particles, as it does not get clogged as easily as the foot valve.
A specially designed vibration free trolley keeps the pump mobile, whenever required. Further the trolley can also be provided with FRV coating on those parts exposed to chemical drip.
Applications and Industries Served
Chemical processing
Effluent treatment
Fumes scrubbing
Acid pickling
Recirculation process
Photographic processing
Drugs and pharmaceuticals
Food processing
Detergents and caustics
Dyes and pigments
Paper and pulp industries
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