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Series MER magnetic driven pumps are sealless. A group of magnet (drive) turns jointly with motor shaft, generating a magnetic torque which allows the rotation of the secondary magnets group on which is moulded on the impeller insert. The pump can avoid atmospheric hazardous effects due to the leakage problems. These pumps are available in solid injection moulded PP, GFP and PVDF materials.

The volute casing is a single injection moulded with excellent chemical resistant materials. Flanged connections are normally ANSI B16.5.
The rear cover realised with the same thermoplastic material is coupled with volute casing forming tight chamber. 'O'-Ring in Viton or EPDM or FEP guarantees a perfect sealing.
The shaft and the rotating parts are built of pure ceramic (AL2 O3 99.7%) or silicon carbide.
The drive magnet as well as impeller magnet are made of isotropic and anisotropic Ferrite or Neudimium - Iron - Boron depending on the requirment.

Electric motor:
MER series pumps can be supplied with std. TEFC Non-FLP and
FLP motors.

Examples of applications:
The application’s field of this type of magnetic driven pumps includes a wide range of possibilities.
Apart from the standard magnetic drive applications in the chemicals industry, MER series could be successfully used in
filtering plants water treatment systems, heat exchangers, IC photoengravings, ultrasonic cleaners, colours or black and processors and metal finishing industry.

Chemical resistance:
The MER series pumps are designed for high chemical and mechanical resistance. Thermoplastic materials such as GFR/PP and PVDF suitable for temperatures range of -300C to +1200C depending on the materials.
Non-plastic parts which are coming in contact with the pumping media are in excellent corrosion resistance material such as pure ceramic / silicon carbide and GFP/PP/CFT/PTFE.

Principle operation:
A group of magnets (drive) turns jointly with the motor shaft, generating a magnetic torque that allows the rotation of
the second magnets (driven) group on which is moulded impeller. A suitable shaped diaphgram separates the primary group of magnets from the impeller and consequently from the pumped fluid. This magnetic pumps are 100% leakproof, as they are without mechanical seal & packing free.


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